Fantasy World Building with Randy Ellefson

World building can be one of the most creative and fulfilling parts of writing fantasy, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fraught with peril. In episode 03 of the Indie Author’s Journey Podcast, we chat with Randy Ellefson, author of the three-book series on world building that bestselling author Ed Greenwood and fantasy icon Piers Anthony called “Indispensable.” […] Read More

Recording Your Audiobook for Amazon ACX with Jason Nightall

Producing an audiobook for Amazon ACX can be expensive, and if you’re a DIY type, it can be a daunting task.  In episode 02 of the Indie Author’s Journey Podcast, U.K. audio editor Jason Nightall gives technical tips and tactics to help you record your own audiobook. Significant Quotes: “The whole world of authors and narrators, and […] Read More

The Journey to Full-Time Writer with Terry Heath

Many dream of full-time writing, but the saturated book market can make that dream feel like a pipe dream. In Episode 01 of the Indie Author’s Journey Podcast, your host Terry Heath discusses his vision for the road to full-time author, including the philosophy behind the podcast and Terry’s background as a writer, teacher, and online […] Read More

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