Early Editions

EE-04: Chronicle of the Raven

Chapter Four: Max Even after they tried to imprison me in that infernal shop in London, I flew daily to this same perch and watched as I had done for centuries past. I had witnessed the comings and goings of this old castle for generations, but the boy called Pip fascinated me as no other. […] Read More

EE-03: Chronicle of the Raven

Chapter Three: Macon Under the direst circumstances, even the most preposterous solution seems viable. When I last crossed Henry Chittenden’s threshold, such a solution had been my greatest hope. Now after all these years that solution had become my greatest fear. I wanted to know if it was now the reason for the Council’s case against […] Read More

EE-02: Chronicle of the Raven

Chapter Two: Macon London is made for walking, for seeing and being seen. Which is why, after closing the shop early, I paid ninepence for a ride on the omnibus. I would escape the confines of the city and what my place in it had become, if only for the afternoon. The omnibus cad, a dandy in […] Read More

EE-01: Chronicle of the Raven

Chapter One: Macon They say technology will one day appear indistinguishable from magic. I hope every day that magic will remain indistinguishable from technology. I dropped a handful of dried leaves into boiling water. The blackened herbs softened to dark green, surrendering to the water and releasing the soft smell of wet grass. The smell […] Read More