Professional Audiobook Narration with Nancy Peterson

With increased demand and Improved technology bringing lower production costs, the audiobook industry has exploded. Audio narration is now a viable option even for newer indie authors. In episode 09 of the Indie Author’s Journey Podcast, we talk with 2018 Audie Award-finalist Nancy Peterson (Audio Publisher’s Association), an actress and book narrator about the process and things to consider when hiring voice talent for your audiobook.

Topics In this Episode:

  • How the audiobook recording process works
  • Tips for putting together your audition materials
  • Working with voice talent
  • Getting the best results for your project
  • How the audiobook industry has changed

Links Mentioned:

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Terry Heath

Terry is an Urban/Historical Fantasy and Suspense author, English teacher, and goatherd (but not necessarily in that order) from the scenic Puget Sound area of Washington State.

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